Our Story

Fiamma's story is one full of passion and love, which is reflected in every dish and item served by our restaurant. We answered a few of the most common questions that customers ask us when we tell them our story. 
  • "Why did you decide to open a restaurant?"

The reason we opened Fiamma was to make our dreams come true of sharing our passion for cooking and the art that goes into preparing a dish. We wanted to share this every day, and see people happy and satisfied and know that they admire and appreciate what we do for them.
  • "What does Italian food mean to you?"

For us, Italian food is unique because of its simple yet exquisite preparation, and the variety of foods from region to region. The freshness of ingredients that good Italian food requires, which reflects its abundant flavors is something that always attracted me.
  • "Why did you name it Fiamma?"

The name Fiamma is two great things fused together, the fire and the passion for this beautiful art, which is not only cooking the food but also expressing to our guests the love and care we put in each plate we serve. Just like the name Fiamma (indicates fire/flame) which has been the principal factor from the beginning of humanity as a source of sustainable development, to create foods to survive, and to make sure their families were taken care, is the same way we care about our guests to make sure everyone leaves happy.
  • "How do you make your pasta?"

Our pasta is always made by hand with superior ingredients like our Linguini Neri, which is made with squid ink, or our Saffron Pasta in which we use the world's most expensive spice, Saffron. We also use the best flours we can find, like fine imported cheeses and the best extra virgin olive oil, which we always import from Italy.
  • "Where do we get the ingredients?"

As loyal believers to what the Italian cuisine is, we use only local and fresh ingredients. Any ingredients that we can't source locally, gets imported directly from Italy, like our Porcini Mushrooms and our Truffle, which comes from a town in Piedmont called Alba. Our Prosciutto, Salami, and Cheese are from Parma. Our Buffalo Mozzarella is from the Tuscan Region, which Fiamma resonates with the most, and is also where most of our wine selection is from.