Pollo Arrosto Oven roasted chicken served over roasted potatoes garnished with caramelized onions & frisee              21.99

Lamb Chops Scottadito Roasted Australian Lamb Chops finished in a pomegranate & red wine reduction served with grilled asparagus & polenta 24.99  

Vitello Porcini Veal Medallions sautéed in a porcini mushroom sauce accompanied with a side of home-made gnocchi al Pomodoro   24.99

Porkchop Grilled 16oz pork chop served in a pomegranate & red wine reduction with a side of arugula & tomatoes         26.99

Vitello Fiamma Veal Medallions sautéed in a creamy truffle sauce served with a truffled potato puree and grilled asparagus        24.99